Gameboy Drums: Free Ableton Live Pack #132

A few months ago, put out a Gameboy Drum Kit sample pack. The pack contains 64 drum samples recorded on a black Nintendo Gameboy, which was running LSDJ. BPB made an effort to come up with a wide range of sounds, as well as sounds not typic of a Gameboy. Read about the creation and the Kontakt versions of the sounds here.

As a lover of pretty much anything 8-bit, I downloaded those samples and put them into an Ableton Live Drum Rack. You can download if for free below!

BPD Gameboy Drums

Drum rack of 64 8-bit sounds recorded from a Nintendo Gameboy

Below you can see the Drum Rack I created. It allows you to have some nice global effects such as a heavy compression "Smash!", Reverb, Delay, and a Chorus. Additionally, each individual sound has its own Macros for Volume, Pan, Transpose, Filtering and more. This Drum Rack works especially nice in Push's 64 pad mode (or on a Launchpad for that matter). Not only are there drum and percussive sounds, but BPD also recorded some nice melodic samples too. The music you hear in the video above was very quickly jammed out using the 64 pad mode on Push 2.

Gameboy Drums for Ableton Live, samples provided by

More 8-Bit Sounds for Ableton Live!

I hope you enjoy the Gameboy Drums Ableton Live Pack. Be sure to head over to BedroomProducersBlog for all sorts of useful downloads and tutorials. If you need more 8-Bit sounds, the Super 8-Bit Ableton Live Pack will do the job. It's 150 Ableton Instrument and effect racks, that will get you making some awesome chip music in now time. 

Super 8-Bit 

The sounds of classic video game consoles in Ableton Live! 150 Instruments and Effects, built from samples of Nintendo, Gameboy, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis.