Tuned Kick Drums Ableton Live Pack

The Tuned Kick Drums Ableton Live Pack is a collection of instruments that will give you deep and heavy kick drums that can be played melodically. The kick drum sounds start with an impact sound and have a sub-bass sustain sound that can be used for bass lines. If you're looking for thunderous kick drums that will get those sub woofers rattling, this is the Pack for you!

The Pack contains four highly customizable Ableton Live Instrument Racks. Two are for creating tuned kick drums and two are more conventional synthesizer instruments built from the kick drum samples. Each instrument is loaded with samples that can be easily swapped with Macro Knobs.  Here's a rundown of what each instrument is capable of.

ADM Tuned Kick Drum

Combine impacts from 20 drum samples with 13 different sustain tones. There are 260 possible combinations of impact and sustain sounds. Customize both the impact and tone sounds with convenient Macro Knobs, and mix them to perfection.

ADM Tuned Kicks AR


Select from 60 tuned kick drum samples synthesized with the Elektron Analog Rytm. The Rytm is an incredibly powerful drum synthesizer, with tons of low end. Choose your kick drum sample and customize each sound with filters, distortions, and dust.

ADM Kick Tone Synth

A melodic synthesizer built from kick drum sustain tones. Choose from 13 different tones and customize the sound from aggressive synth leads to smooth atmospheric pads. Tons of possibilities!

ADM Kick Synths


Turns out the Analog Rytm kick drum samples make for great synthesizer sounds. Use the 60 tuned kick drum samples from the Analog Rytm to create warm synth plucks. 

Tuned Kick Drums
Ableton Live Pack

Create deep and heavy melodic kick drums using these powerful Ableton Live Instruments. Customize your kick drum sound by choosing an impact sound and a melodic tone. Includes playable synthesizer instruments built from the kick drum sounds.