Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack #3 - "AfroDjMac Reversed Piano"

Here is a new Ableton Live Instrument Rack, a reversed piano.  I sampled every key from my old 1913 Kranich and Bach upright piano, then reversed the samples and created an instrument rack, with effects, in Ableton Live.  The result is when you play a key, it plays the corresponding note from the piano backwards.  It is similar to the effect on such classic albums as Revolver and The White Album, when the Beatles reversed their electric guitars and voices.  Now you can play those trippy sounds on a keyboard!  It's lots of fun and can be manipulated to get all kinds of interesting tones.

Download the Ableton Live Set above, then open it and save it to your instrument racks presets.  I hope you enjoy it and let me hear any music you make with it.

PS.  Every week I will be releasing a new Ableton Live Rack.  I have many different instruments, synth presets, effect racks, and midi racks I've been building over the last year, and continue to make them all the time.  So please check back here often, subscribe to the RSS feed, like on Facebook, follow on Twitter, subscribe on Youtube, Send me a WUPHF... Here's a video walkthrough...

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