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AUGUST 2019 Download: Guitar Roulette Ableton Live Pack

33 Ableton Live Instrument Racks, made from samples of my 1994 American Standard Fender Stratocaster run through the Fractal Audio Systems Axe FX II. Each instrument contains chopped guitar parts with its own unique FX.

The Instruments contain sliced guitar riffs, where each note triggers a different section of the riff, allowing you to build your own guitar riffs and melodies. Macro Controls give control over filters, transposition, arpeggiators, delay, and reverb.

  • 33 Ableton Live Instrument Racks

  • Generate unique and surprising guitar melodies.

  • Macro Controls for Effects and finding the right key.

  • Diverse guitar sounds. Clean, Distorted, Effected, Reversed.



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