Akai MPK 49 Pad Mod- Increase Sensitivity and Accuracy

I love my Akai MPK49 Midi Keyboard; it has a lot of knobs and faders, good keys, and uh, pads... The pads always left a little to be desired, especially after trying Mike Longo's MPC 1000.  The problem lies in a tiny space between the pads and the sensors.  This makes them feel less than sturdy and also makes some of your hits less than perfectly accurate.  Fortunately, there's a fix and it is easy.  It's a matter of removing a few screws, removing the pads, and putting some tape underneath them to make the pads closer to the sensors.  Watch as I do it to my own and end up extremely happy with the results.  Here's where I learned to do it. POP QUIZ!!! Can you identify the source of the samples I use to create the beat at the end of the video?