Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack #8: "Red Stripe Bottle Synth"


Sometime, about two thirds into a mid-winter "I wish I was on a tropical island" fantasy, the iPod shuffle Gods brought me The Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil."  As I found myself increasingly lost in the antics of Jagger, Richards and company, I realized that when I blew over the top of my frosty bottle of Red Stripe, the tone was perfectly in tune with the "whoo whooo's"  that adorn most of the track.  As awesome as I thought this was, I couldn't resist another cold taste, and justified it by figuring I would drink until I found an equally harmonious tone.  Soon thereafter the idea for this synth was born. I have sampled a couple of tones from those very Red Stripe bottles, as well as others from a plastic water bottle.  These two slightly different tones are mixed together to create this weeks Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack.  From there, I added an Auto Filter with macro knobs to control the various parameters and LFOs; next I used Ableton's Auto Pan to create a tremolo effect that is synced to the master tempo.  A delay set to repitch mode is followed to add some fun twisting effects, followed by an Erosion plug in to add some noise for character.  I especially like this particular synth for its tremolo effect, which is easily modulated thanks to the macro knob.

Last week, with the release of the "Dubstep Lawnmower Man" synth, I included a couple of audio stems that I invited readers to use for remixing.  Here are a couple entries I received from:

Arion B




(Thanks, guys, for sending in these tracks, they sound great :) )

If you create any music using any of the stems I provide or any of the synths, send it along and I will post it here.  Thanks for stopping by.

Awesome Band of The Week:  My Summer!

PS.   I just got myself a Casio VL-1 and a Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard.  In the coming weeks, you can bet I will be putting together some fun racks with these... Stay Tuned!