Interview and Improv Jam Video w/ SuperKid

Recently I did an interview with, which is a cool site that talks to musicians about the creative process.  In the interview we discuss everything from equipment to inspiration, Check it out.  Big thanks to Moncef Belyamani for including me in this project. 

I was up very late last night with SuperKid on a beautiful pre-summer night, philosophizing and making music.  We wound up ending the night with the video above.  The music began with a short sample from The Hues Corporation, and then evolved into what you see above.  We used a couple of my Free Ableton Racks, namely the Nintendo Rack and Broken Bells Rack.   The drums come from an old Yamaha beginners keyboard, the guitar is my trusty Fender Mustang wielded by SuperKid.  Everything was sequenced through Ableton Live.  It was a fun night of musical creation with very few creative road blocks and interruptions.  The video stars some of the local ground dwelling creatures of suburban Long Island, New York.  Enjoy!