"Salt Shaka" OP-1 and Ableton Jam


I just got my hands on the imfamous Teenage Engineering OP-1 and have been incorporating it into my live performances.  Today I spent some time creating some music with the OP-1 in Ableton Live.  I must say it is a great combination, I had a lot of fun.  The OP-1 has a built in FM radio that you can sample from and while playing around with it, what came on the radio other than Salt n Pepa's "What a Man." So, of course I sampled it and from there twisted the sounds around to use in this song.  A bunch of the synth sounds also came from the OP-1; that thing has a grittiness, I am totally feeling.  My Ableton Live Rack #14: Noises, Risers, and Swooshes was used to add some icing on the track.  I also reverted back to my Hues Corporation record for a short sample (I have a feeling there are many other little samples to be found on that record) and began building a track.    So I after creating a whole bunch of sounds and tracks, I jammed out what you see above.  Enjoy :)