OP-1 Rack! Ableton Live Instrument

The Op-1 synthesizer has quickly become one of my favorite instruments.  I've never really heard a synth quite like it, it is portable as can be, the build quality is amazing, and it can be used as a four track "tape" recorder.  Despite its looks, this synth really goes deep but it is so intuitive to use.  I honestly can't say enough good things about it and I can't recommend it enough. So, over the last few weeks, I have been putting together this rack to join my VL-1 and RapMan racks in my Premium Ableton Live Racks Collection.  I created ten different presets and sampled them all into Ableton Live's Sampler and Simpler instruments.  I tried to create sounds that capture the wide range of potential this synth has.  Because the OP-1 encourages one to tweak constantly on the fly, I made sure to turn the knobs and twist the sounds while sampling.  The result is a collection of evolving and unique sounds, all housed in the convenience of an Ableton Live Instrument Rack.

***Let me be clear:  This rack is by no means meant to replace the OP-1 from anyone's synth arsenal.  I simply intend to offer a taste of what this amazing synthesizer is capable of, and hopefully encourage people to purchase an OP-1 for themselves; I think you will love it!  These ten different presets I have created are meant to showcase the variety of sounds that the OP-1 offers, but they are merely a small slice of the OP-1's nearly infinite sound creation possibilities.  On top of that, the power and fun offered by the sequencer and tape recorder functions add an entirely new dimension of creative possibilities to the OP-1, possibilities that just can not be recreated in an Ableton Instrument Rack. ***

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Ableton Live Pack

The OP-1 is a super diverse and unique sounding instrument. This Ableton Live Pack contains multiple presets that you can cycle through. While sampling, the instrument was tweaked, to add to movement and life to the sounds.  1 rack, multiple presets, endless capabilities.

-1 Multi Layered Ableton Live Instrument Rack
*Requires Live 8 or higher

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