Music from Readers - Merry Christmas

There a couple reasons I like to release a free Ableton Live Rack every week.  It’s fun to be a part of the community.  I’ve learned so much from the generous people out there posting how-to’s, sharing production techniques, and offer advice from their own personal experiences.  From the moment I followed my first tutorial on DAWs, I wanted to one day share what I’ve learned with someone who, like me, was striving to learn how to translate their musical ideas into reality.  I like meeting new people with similar interests and sharing music with them.  But the first thing that got me to post my first Ableton Live Rack, made from feedback on my laptop’s internal speakers, was to see what other people might do with the sounds I created.   I never really expected to reach that many people, but I figured I’d give it a shot.  Now, almost 40 weeks later, I’ve gotten an answer to my initial curiosity. I’ve received tracks from people all over the world, and many of them have been posted over the weeks.  As of late, I’ve gotten quite a few of emails and SoundCloud messages sharing some amazing creations.  It’s really exciting to hear what people can do with the very sounds I use to create my music.  It has really opened my eyes to the infinite possibility of music.  Any one sound can breed an unending variety of music.  It’s really beautiful.

I wanted to showcase some of the excellent submissions I’ve been collecting.  I think the following tracks are as inspiring as they are inventive.  The music people have been sending in has motivated me to want to continue to make new sounds.  They inspire me when I feel like I need a new sonic palette to work with, by showing me that any one palette is nearly infinite.  I hope you’ll take some time and enjoy the sounds created by some of the readers of this blog.  I hope that you send along any tracks you create using any of the sounds found here.  I hope this inspires you as much as it inspires me.  So give them a holiday listen and visit their sites and let them know if you dig their sounds.  Happy X-Mas!!


First to celebrate the holiday season, is a collection of remixes of Elvis Christmas songs by MT Nasty.  This track features The Gameboy Glitches, Glitched Piano, Nintendo, and Noises Swishes Risers Racks.

[soundcloud url=""]

Three Ninjas sent along this number using the Space Forest Synth

Using the Operator Glitchy Drums is this track from Ontoehigh

[soundcloud url=""]

Particulate created this track using The Broken Bells, Found Percussion, Glitch Piano, and Super Bass Racks.

[soundcloud url=""]

Gabe DM has been an avid supporter from Rome, Italy.  Here's his latest EP.

[soundcloud url="" height="200"]

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