2 Minute Ableton Tip #5: New Way to Save on CPU!

I just found a new way to save on CPU in Ableton Live!  If you have ever had problems with pops and clicks while triggering scenes, this 2 minute tip may be your solution! I've been struggling with a problem in my Ableton Live performance set.  Whenever I trigger a scene of clips, I get this popping/clicking sound.  It seems as my set has gotten more and more complicated, the problem has been worse and worse.  I noticed that when I remove virtual instruments and drum racks that things get better, but this is not very practical, I need that stuff to perform!

So, after many nights trying a million different arrangements and set ups, I noticed that I am not getting the clipping sound when I start and stop individual clips.  This led me to realize that whenever you start a scene, Ableton is triggering and stopping every single track in your Live Set.   This is very demanding on your CPU.  I have a ton of tracks that are used simply for routing audio, midi, or live instruments; they don't need to be affected by my scene triggering.  I decided to remove all of those unnecessary stop buttons and just like magic, my problem vanished!  No more annoying clicks and pops when triggering scenes!  So, if you find yourself dealing with CPU spikes when triggering scenes, try remove any unnecessary stop buttons.  It will ease the load on Ableton and hopefully solve your problem!