2 Minute Ableton Tip #8: "Default Project Template"

Creating your own Ableton Live project template will save you time.  

This Two Minute Ableton Tip shows how to create your own project template that opens any time you create a new Ableton Live Set.  I highly recommend making your own project template for the type of things you tend to do in every session.  Rather than set up audio tracks for each input from your sound card every single time you start a new project, let your project template do that automatically.  Follow along in the video as I show you how, and next time I'll get in to some more advanced template creation...

I'm kind of curious how these Two Minute Tips are working out for you.  Interesting? Too advanced?  Too Simple?  Have any thoughts or suggestions for a Two Minute Ableton Live Tip?  Something you'd like me to cover? Let me know in the comments.  Thanks!