Alpha Juno 2 and Juno Jive FX Ableton Packs

1980s Sci-fi Synthesizers Sounds with The Alpha Juno 2 Ableton Live Pack

Alpha Juno 2
Ableton Live Pack

The warmth and character of the Roland Alpha Juno 2 is captured in 72 Ableton Live Instrument Racks. Featuring vintage sounds that fit a wide range of genres.

The newest members of the AfroDJMac Store are now available to the public!  Two great new Ableton Live collections that will bring your synthesis back to the future.  Created with Mike Longo, the Roland Alpha Juno 2 Ableton Pack and Juno Jive FX Rack are here to fill your world with nostalgia. First the Alpha Juno 2 Ableton Live Pack.  Sampled from 1985's Alpha Juno 2, this collection features

  • 64 Unique Instruments
  • 1.5 GB of Samples (download size 769MB)
  • Meticulously Recorded with Apogee Converters for pristine quality
  • 72 Ableton Live Instrument Racks
  • 9 Ableton Live Sets


And here are some audio samples made using on the Alpha Juno 2 Pack

Emulate Analog  Warmth and Character with The Juno Jive Ableton Live FX Rack

The Juno Jive FX Rack was designed to go hand in hand with the Alpha Juno 2 Pack.  This download is one audio effect rack with four audio effect racks nestled inside.  In total there are 16 macro controls, each designed to emulate some characteristic of analog sound.  Control different aspects of pitch stability, saturation, distortion, tremolo, and chorus.  It sounds great on just about anything that could use a bit of warmth.

Juno Jive
Ableton Live FX Rack

Emulate the warmth and character of vintage analog synths with this Ableton Live Audio Effect Rack. Features saturation, pitch drift, distortion, tremolo, and chorus.


 "Get it all Out" by Mike Longo

Below Mike Longo's new album.  I love it and most of the songs on it make use of the Alpha Juno 2 Ableton pack.