Wind Chimes Synths for Ableton Live Plus "WindChime Ambience" EP!

I recently bought a beautiful set of hand made and hand tuned metallic wind chimes.  Beautifully soothing and hypnotic, they're a perfect addition to the backyard.  They were kind of pricey, but they sound amazing and I knew they would be a lot of fun to sample!  As you are about to find out, I've had a lot of fun with these wind chimes. 

Ableton Live Instruments Created with Wind Chimes!

I am pleased to announce the AfroDJMac WindChime Synths for Ableton Live.  This is a unique download.  It includes 23 different Ableton Instrument racks created with the wind chime samples, as well as 4 different Ableton effect racks that perfectly compliment the Wind Chimes but will also work great for all of your productions.  There are playable keyboard instruments, drum racks with transposable samples of the Wind Chimes, Chords and Arpeggiated sequences.  The Effects racks include a Serial Low and High Pass filter, Dual Delay, Dual Arpeggiator, and a LoFi Feel multi FX.  I find myself amazed at how a sample of a simple wind chime can be morphed into anything from soaring synth leads to warm glowing synth pads!

Wind Chime Instruments
Ableton Live Pack

A beautiful set of wind chimes, sampled into a collection of 23 Ableton Live Instruments. Includes 4 Audio Effect Racks and 4 Live Sets of music made with the Pack.

Here's what is included in the Wind Chimes Ableton Pack:

  • 5 Ableton Instrument Racks

  • 4 Ableton Drum Racks

  • 4 Ableton Effect Racks

  • 10 Ableton Live Sets (One with all the racks, and four for each song from the WindChime Ambience EP, plus all 5 sets that utilize the Simpler instrument instead of Sampler)

  • 4 Song "WindChime Ambience EP" by AfroDJMac

4 Song Ep Created Entirely with Wind Chimes Samples

It doesn't end there though.  I just finished creating an ambient EP using only sounds included in this download.  The video is above, and every single sound was created with only the instruments and effects included in this download.  What's more, I've included the Ableton Project Files for each of the four tracks, so you can see exactly how I created each song.  This is a great way to see how you can get the most out of this download.  The "WindChime Ambience EP" is a excellent example of just some of the sounds that can be created with this Ableton Pack.

I'm really excited to share this Ableton Live Pack with you.  If you're looking for a unique and diverse set of organic sounds for your productions, your search is over!