Scary Halloween Music from Mark Mosher

If you need some great ambient music for Halloween, Boulder Colorado's Mark Mosher has just the treat for you.

Here are his words on it's creation:

I just released a dark ambient album just in time for Halloween, featuring Largo on a track. The album was mastered by Gannon Kashiwa the Director of Digital Media at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. He does all their planetarium

surround mixing and mastering - so as you'd imagine these tracks sound pretty incredible on big systems or with great headphones.

Lots of attention to detail on this one. For example, Track 2 "Alone in the Dark" is a single Largo patch carrying the whole track! I had a phase where I was listening to lots of David Gilmour, and while the track isn't emulating guitar performance, it is an experiment in guitar-like harmonics with overtones and distortion. But I don’t stop there and go where  a guitar can’t go.

Mark is an amazing synthesist, composer and nice guy.  I know because we have worked together!  Check out our Free Ableton Live Pack Collaborations, part one and part two!

Play Guitar Like David Gilmour

Although Mark states that his performance was not emulating David Gilmour’s technique, I thought it would be fun to include an article that does. Beginning Guitar HQ has a great article on emulating famous guitarists, and one focus is the inimitable David Gilmour. Check it out and learn how to emulate players like Gilmour, Hendrix, and Paige.

I wonder if these techniques can be applied to synthesis…