Happy Valentine's Day: Love songs made with an OP-1

Spread the Love with some Intimate Tracks made on the OP-1

In the spirit of the day of love, I thought I'd share a couple of little love songs.  These three tracks were all made using the Teenage Engineering OP-1.  I recorded the guitars and vocals using the built in mic.  It's definitely not a Neumann, but I think it has some nice character to it.  So grab that special someone, sit back in front of a fire place or a beautiful sunset and enjoy these tunes!


Ableton Instruments that feature the OP-1

If you want to get some OP-1 sounds in your productions, check out these Ableton Live instruments I've made.

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Ableton Live Pack

The OP-1 is a super diverse and unique sounding instrument. This Ableton Live Pack contains multiple presets that you can cycle through. While sampling, the instrument was tweaked, to add to movement and life to the sounds.  1 rack, multiple presets, endless capabilities.

-1 Multi Layered Ableton Live Instrument Rack
*Requires Live 8 or higher

Full Details Here

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Dual OP-1 Ableton Live Pack

This Ableton Live Instrument Rack was created with multiple samples of the Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer. It features not one but two different sampled instruments stacked upon each other. Get a taste of this unique synthesizer inside Ableton Live!

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PS. Ableton Live 9 is officially being released March 5th!

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