Chopping Vocals in Ableton Live 9: Slice to Midi

Using Ableton's Slice to Midi to Chop Vocals

Ableton Live 9 is capable of making your life a little easier and a bit more fun.  By using Slice to Midi, you can chop up samples, in this case vocals, and perform them like an instrument.  You could of course go into the Arrangement view and start cutting, copying, and pasting little sections of a sample.  This method might be nice for exact edits, but sometimes it feels a little too much like surgery.  The beauty of Slice to Midi is that you can perform your edits.  I have a lot more fun playing keys, banging on pads and turning knobs than dragging a mouse around.  In the tutorial below, I use a song I am writing to demonstrate how to start Slicing to Midi.  Most of what I am doing works in Ableton Live 8, so don't feel left out if you haven't upgraded yet.  Enjoy and if you have any techniques or would like to share some of your own results, say so in the comments.

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