Free Ableton Live Pack- Super Hot Vocal Swag YOLO

Hit the Big Time with Big Vocal Snippets

You've been there before.  The track is almost complete, the bass is sitting just right, the drums are pumping... but something is just missing.  Where's that final touch that will take your track from bedroom masterpiece to Billboard chart topper?  Well look no further, here it is.  The Super Hot Vocal Swag YOLO Pack for Ableton Live is guaranteed to get your tracks charting everywhere from Beatport to the New York Times best sellers list.  Just drop some of these hip catchy phrases at the opening of a track or before the break; or if you really want a hit, just make a track using only these ballin' samples.   The press will start calling, A&R Reps will stalk you at night, and you'll need to hire body guards to keep the women away.   Use at your own risk.  Sometimes we are unprepared for what success brings.  Save these samples only until you are truly ready for the big time.  Big thanks to Mike Longo for co-conspiring with me on this life changing project!  Check the video preview below (turn on the subs to hear the bass yo).

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