Momentary Midi Controls in Ableton Live

Easily Create Momentary Midi Controls with Max for Live

Yehezkel Raz, certified Ableton trainer, writer of, and all around cool dude, has released an extremely useful device.  It allows you to turn any midi note into a momentary control.  This lets you hold down a midi note to trigger an effect and when you let go, the effect turns off.  The normal operation is toggle, meaning pressing the note turns on the effect and pressing it again turns it off.  If you've ever wanted to do some quick beat mashing and effects swapping, this is the tool you need!  I recently put out a cry for help on Facebook, and Yehezkel came through with this device.  I am so grateful and have already been using this in my live performance set to great results.  Check out his video below (which I think is edited brilliantly) and visit his site for the download.  And let me take this moment to give a super big thanks to Yehezkel!!

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