Free Ableton Pack #79: Ohh to Ahh Vocal Synth

Free Instruments for Ableton Live, Created with Vocal Samples

A few years back, I recorded a track called "B and C Down in History."  In the very beginning I created a sound by sampling my voice and putting it inside Ableton's Sampler instrument.  It's the first sound you hear in the song and it comes back periodically through out.  Give it a listen below:

I really liked the character a vocal sample gives on a synth.  It's not perfectly in tune, and it sort of captures the soul of a living breathing person.  So I decided to tidy up the instrument I created for this song, and release it to you for free :)

Inside the Ohh to Ahh Vocal Synth for Ableton Live

Ableton Vocal Synth AfroDJMac

All of the sonic magic happens entirely in Sampler.  Don't worry if you don't own Sampler, the download includes a version made with Simpler.  The macro knobs control the Frequency and Resonance of the Filter.  You can add in some FM Oscillation.  There is control over the Attack and Release, Stereo and Stereo Width.  The final knob allows you to mix between an Ooooh sound and an Aaahhh sound.  You can have just one, an equal mix of them both, or any combination of the two.

Something Extra with Aftertouch, Great for Ableton Push Owners

My main keyboard instrument has become Ableton Push.  I love the guitar like layout, it feels very familiar to me and my fingers.  It's been a lot of fun to explore the Aftertouch on the pads.  For this instrument, Aftertouch will increase the volume and vibrato the harder you press.  It adds another level of expression for anyone with an Aftertouch enabled MIDI controller.

I hope that sounds fun and check out the video below for a little improvisation and compete walkthrough of features.  Then download it below and enjoy!

Dubstep Basses for Ableton Live

I've just released a Premium Ableton Pack made up of instruments and effects perfect for created Dubstep or the dreaded cousin, Brostep!  It's five different Instrument Racks that can be tweaked to a wide range of sounds, as well as five Multi Band Audio Effect Racks.  Though they were designed with Dubstep in mind, feel free to make all kinds of music with it!  More info here.

DubStep Bass
Ableton Live Pack

Aggressive and expressive Dub-Step style bass sounds. Specifically designed for wobble and growl bass. 10 Instrument and Effect Racks. *Requires Operator.*