Free Ableton Live Pack #84: Shruthi Bass Synth

Free Ableton Live Synth Made with Shruthi

If you've been paying attention, I've been releasing a series of Ableton Synths made with the Shruthi synth (Part 1 and Part 2).  But not just any Shruthi, one in Reno, Nevada, supplied by the good people at BigRobotStudio.  And you can borrow it anytime you like!  Just head over to Big Robot Studios' page.  They have been hooking up various synthesizers to the internet and you can send short sequences to them, and they will process it through their synth and send it back.  It's so cool!

So for the third and final part of this Shruthi series, I have a bass synth for you.  Check out the video below, and then download the instrument!

Fourth of July Super Sale!

I have a few really insane offers for you at the AfroDJMac store.  These sales are some of the biggest I've ever run.  They will last through Sunday July 7th, and only be available to the first 25 people.  As of this writing, about half have been claimed, so don't waste any more time!  These sales end at 12:00am Monday or after 25 have been sold, whichever comes first!  Details below...

 Every Premium AfroDJMac Ableton Pack!

Get everything in the store for $35 (normally $55).  If you bought them all separately, you'd be laying out close to $150. So that's basically a savings of like a million dollars.  What can I say?  If you like the stuff I make this is a great opportunity for you!  Caution: friends and family may think you have gone missing, as you explore this massive amount of goodies!  Get it here now through Sunday for the first 25 people.

The AfroDJMac Free Pack Archive is on Sale!

I'm offering the entire collection of my Ableton Pack series in one convenient download for $10.  Normally it's $15.  You'll get over 80 different Ableton Instruments and Effects.  I promise it will be enough to keep you busy for a while :)  Get it here now through Sunday for the first 25 people.

The Analog Bundle is Back!

In case you just want some nice analog synths in your Ableton set up, I'm reinstating the Analog Bundle Pack.  But this time it is half the price!  For $20 you get 8 different packs of analog synth collections.  There's a TON of different instruments made from some super warm, analog synths. If you are one of the first 25 before Sunday, it's yours here.