Free Ableton Live Pack #87: Windsor Hum Synth

Mysterious Hum of Unknown Origin Creates Mysterious Ableton Live Instrument!

There's a mysterious low frequency hum heard in the Canadian city of Windsor, just outside of Detroit.  It has been reported to vibrate houses and windows, and no one knows what is making it.  I first heard about this strange phenomenon on an episode of Joe Rogan Questions Everything, in which they explored the possibility of weaponized weather.  (Side note, Joe Rogan's Podcast is one of the most fascinating podcasts I've ever listened to).  Anyway, I found this to be pretty interesting and thought it would make a cool synth.  So today I share with you, the Windsor Hum Ableton Live Instrument.  It's an instrument made with a sample that no one knows the origin of!  The synth is as creepy and mysterious as the Windsor Hum itself.

The video above explains the sound a bit and also supplies audio samples.  Where is the sound coming from? Secret government testing? Alien communications? The Earth groaning about how we are destroying it?  Ghosts?! Who knows!  But if you are looking for a sound that will add some interest and depth to your tracks, this might be the ticket.  Watch the video below and then download it for free!

Happy Birthday and Thanks!

Today is my birthday, and I am once again celebrating having turned 21 years old.  This makes the third year in a row of releasing an Ableton Pack on my birthday (check out the Minitaur Madness and Guitar Harmonics Synths), and I'm happy to be sharing this one with you.  I'd like to say thanks to everyone who follows this blog and makes use of the information and instruments, and to everyone who takes a minute to listen to my music while doing so.

If you make music using any of my Ableton Instruments or techniques, join our SoundCloud group and share them with the world!  Below is some of the amazing music people have uploaded.  Every time I listen to these tracks it brings a smile to my face, so keep sharing! Thanks so much!