AudioBombs, an Excellent Site for Your Audio Production Needs

Get Presets, Instruments and Loads of Free DAW and Plug-in Downloads

I wanted to share an awesome new resource with you.  It's called AudioBombs.  Over at the site, you can download presets for synth and effect plug-ins, Ableton Racks, Touch OSC Templates, and much more.  It's just getting off the ground and there's already a TON of stuff to check out.  The Ableton Rack section is booming! There's a load of quality stuff from a lot of people I know and respect in the community.  I've contributed a few of my racks to it as well.  It looks like it will be a cool place for people to not only download stuff, but to upload as well.  So if you want to share your own creations check it out.

Big thanks to Lucien for reaching out to me and turning me on to this site!