Free Ableton Live Pack #90: Bells and Kalimba

Free Bells and Kalimba Synth for Ableton Live

Every once in a while the power of the internet amazes me.  Here's another example.  I received an email from Konstantin Fateyev, aka FatassBully.  He's from Minsk, Belarus, which is on the other side of the planet; I live in New York.  Konstantin had created an instrument from a sampled xylophone.  The instrument was layered with an Operator synth, which is a synthesized Kalimba.  The instrument rack also contained a few effects as well.  He sent it over as a token of thanks for the racks I have been making (this release is number 90!).

I told him I loved it and asked if I could play around with it and then release it.  He agreed and the Bells and Kalimba rack is the result!  I added a few little touches and organized things a bit. I think this makes a pretty beautiful sound and it can be morphed and mangled into a wide range of pleasing tones.   Check out the video below as I walk you through its features and range of sounds.  The download link is below the video.  And if you like it, be sure to say thanks to Konstantin and listen to some of his music, it is posted below the download link. Enjoy!

Konstantin aka FatassBully