Free Ableton Live Pack #95: Roland Juno 106 Analog Pad

Smooth Warm Vintage Analog Goodness

Putting on a set of headphones and plugging them into the Roland Juno 106 analog synthesizer is about the closest thing I've done to time travel.  Immediately, the timestamped flavor of this synth envelops you and the thick warmth of the oscillators caresses your nostalgic heart.  Unfortunately, the synth is a bit large in our modern world of every-gadget-I-ever-imagined fitting into a small rectangle we keep in our pockets. On top of that, I don't actually own one! I just have a friend who is kind enough to let me borrow it on occasion.  Eager to make the most of my time with the Roland, I multi- sampled a ton of patches so I could turn them into Ableton Live instruments.

A Pad to Rest Your Weary Ears On

This analog pad will warm your winter

This analog pad will warm your winter

This 95th* free Ableton Live Pack is a warm and lush pad sound sampled from the Juno 106 and fashioned into a convenient Live instrument rack.  There are 8 Macro Controls to help you sculpt the instrument to your taste.  Below is a video discussion and then the download link.  After that is some information about the Roland Juno 106 premium Ableton Live Pack I created some time ago, that features 20+ instrument racks like this one.  Enjoy :D

Roland Juno 106
Ableton Live Pack

The sound of the classic vintage analog poly synth.

A while back I created the Juno 106 Ableton Live Pack, which contains over 20 Instrument Racks made from multi sampled patches on the beautiful Roland synth.  The Instrument Racks offer you sonic possibilities impossible to achieve on the original hardware.  Read more about the collection here or click below to purchase it.  Thanks and enjoy!

*Hey!  What happened to Free Ableton Live Pack #94?! Fear not!  It has been created, there are just a few things to iron out for its release. It will be coming soon!