Social Story Songs by Brian and Chris

11 Educational Songs to Help Children Learn Proper Social Behavior

As some of you may know, my day-time gig is that of a high school English teacher.  Working with children has been a great passion of mine.  I've partnered up with a fellow teacher and musician, Chris Cauley, to create a very special album to help children learn social skills.

Chris is a special education teacher, and I've also worked with many students with special needs. One area of difficulty, especially for children on the Autism spectrum, is social behavior.  Proper social behavior can be the cause of severe stress and anxiety for children, and their parents and teachers.  Chris and I have created an album of 11 songs that help teach proper social skills.  Social Story Songs by Brian and Chris give parents and teachers a fun and nonthreatening way to address proper social behavior.  Often when attempting to correct  inappropriate behaviors, more stress and anxiety is created and that leads to more inappropriate behavior.  Our method is to teach them songs (Keep Your Hands to Yourself, 1-2-3 How Calm Can We Be, Our Fingers Don't Belong There…) and when the problem behavior arises, we simply sing them the song.  It's fun and non confrontational, and also reminds the child of proper social behaviors.