Aftertouch Control for Ableton Push

Make the Most of Ableton's Push's Aftertouch

Isaac Cotec, aka Subaqueous, has developed an incredibly useful tool for all Push users.  Each of the pads on Push has aftertouch, which sends out information based on how hard you are holding down the pad.  This information can be used to control any parameter.  The problem I have found is that it kicks in right away and is way too sensitive.  Subaqueous has solved this problem.

Isaac has developed two super helpful Max for Live patches.  The first is called Aftertouch Threshold.  This clever device allows you to set a pressure threshold, which will trigger aftertouch.  Press the pad harder than the threshold and you are controlling aftertouch.  Press the pad softer than the threshold and there is no aftertouch.  I really love this for introducing vibrato.  With soft pushes, there is no vibrato, but press a little harder and you get vibrato.

The second device is called Aftertouch Delay.  This device allows you to set a certain amount of time before aftertouch kicks in.  This one is nice for introducing effects after the note has played for a little while.  I like to add subtle distortions and filter effects with this device.

Head over to Subaqueous to download these great free devices, and if you like them, I encourage you to check out his Pro pack, that has some excellent instruments as well.  You may remember Subaqueous from the Ice Caves Synths we made together.  He's got a lot of great stuff on his site, check it out!