Video Previews - How to Play Live with Ableton Live

One of the great joys of life is performing your music in front of an audience.  There's really nothing that can match the exchange of energy between you and the crowd.  To see people singing and dancing to my music is one of the biggest reasons I love to make music.  Don't get me wrong, I love holing myself up in the studio and forgetting about the rest of the world, but the best things in life are only better when shared with others. I've spent many years working on my Ableton Live live performance rig, and in my Live Performance with Ableton Live Video CourseI share my knowledge and experience with you. It's been a long and challenging road to get here, and in this course I share the shortcuts I wish I knew in the beginning.

Below I've included two videos from the course. The first is an overview of what is covered.  The second gets into a little detail about how and why I organize my Live set the way I do.  Check them out and if you are interested get the Live Performance with Ableton Live Video Courseand get on stage!  Full details on the course here.

Preview 1: Overview of the Course

Preview 2: Organizing Songs into "Core Tracks"

But don't take my word for it, check out what some people have been saying:

----If you're interested in performing live with Live, this is an incredible trove of examples, advice, and techniques. Designing your setup, advanced routing of audio and MIDI, getting the most out of your hardware - It's a intimate, very smart, and evolving setup, based on his personal experience. Not like reading a manual - AfroDJMac steps you through his setup, and shows you how and why it works. An incredible jump-start to evolving your own Live system. Thank you, AfroDJMac, for sharing this - it's changed my concept of what Live can be. -Jollymade

----- Hi AfroDJMac! I'd like to tell you that this is one of the greatest resource on how to Ableton Live I've seen so far. Thank you for sharing this one with us! -Marcin

----- Amazing! I could not stop watching clip after clip until I finished all of them. Extremely well explained, really good concepts. This course is like no other I´ve seen online. You won´t learn how to use the software, you will learn how you can use it in a creative and useful way to play live with the software. His live workflow laid on the table (screen) . Great Job! Thanks! -Francisco

And Michael Harren shared his excitement and posted a video blog sharing how he used this course to rebuild his Live set: