AutoBeat Max for Live Device Updated with Presets from AfroDJMac

AutoBeat: A Versatile  Max for Live Probability Sequencer 

If you haven't seen AutoBeat yet, K-Devices just updated it and it is better than ever.  AutoBeat is a Max for Live pattern generator, designed specifically for drums.  Drop a Drum Rack into AutoBeat and you can easily set up patterns and fills for your tracks.  

My favorite thing about AutoBeat is that you can program your beats to contain slight variations with every cycle of the pattern.  As you draw in notes for your beat, you decide the likelihood of that beat playing.  For instance, I might draw in a Kick drum pattern that will play on beats 1, 2, 3, 4 100% of the time, a typical "4 to the floor" beat.  But then I will add in various notes in between those beats that will only play, say 20%  of the time.  It's really great for mimicking a human drummer, who likes to spice up a simple beat with an occasional extra note or two (or 50!).  Unlike a real human, you can control just how much spice the beat gets.

AutoBeat Comes With Some Great Drum Packs!

The folks at K-Devices wanted to make this update really special, so they commissioned various sound designers,  artists, and Ableton Certified Trainers to make custom Drum Racks and patterns you can use immediately.  Among those people are  Franz RosatiHyenaNoah PredPiezo, Federico Ascari, and yours truly, AfroDJMac.  I'm really proud of my Drum Racks. One is a set of drums sampled from vinyl records, and the other's a chip-tunes style kit.  They were created using samples by Tomislav Zlatic from  99 Sounds is an awesome site for producers.  It's loaded with samples and sound packs galore.  Big thanks to Tomislav for allowing me to use these samples and for all of his work on Bedroom Producer's Blog

So go check out AutoBeat, for sale on the Ableton website.  Currently, Ableton is offering 20% off everything, so the timing is perfect!  Enjoy and thanks to K-Devices for such a cool drum sequencer!