TouchAble Updated!

TouchAble 3.0 iPad Ableton Live Controller

TouchAble has been updated to version 3, a huge update with a lot of great improvements! I've always been a big fan of TouchAble, and now it is better than ever.  Some of my favorites are the X/Y Pad, USB connectivity, and of course, the Live device templates.  Now every device in Live has its own TouchAble interface, Awesome!  

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Here's What's New:
You can now use a simple USB cable to connect :)
Access to devices in racks in racks in racks in racks in racks.....!
The new Live Device Template Pack (available as an in-app purchase) provides 42 well designed layouts for nearly every device in Live. 

The device module can now follow the selected device in Live (Blue Hand)
Devices can now be loaded to any place of a track's device chain using the browser and drag and drop.
You can now play notes with the keys of the piano roll within the MIDI Clip Editor in the scales tab.
Devices can be stretched to take 3/4 of the screens real estate.

Completely recoded Server. (Goodbye Java!:) From now on, the Server is running in the background as a System Service.

New Settings, including:
- Follow currently launched scene option.
- choose and assign different MIDI channels for Drum Pads, Keyboard, Isomorphic Keyboard and Piano Roll (MIDI Clip Editor).
- iPads & iPhones Link Mode: combine several Devices to one big control surface.
- Rotary controller sensitivity setting.
- Snap and Timed Snap Mode 4 different envelopes: Exponential, Linear, Logarithmic, Hanning.