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The Sounds of a Mandolin in Ableton Live

The Mandolin is a really cool little instrument with a lot of character.  Whenever I hear one, it gives me a sort of Medieval feel.  It's hard to explain but to me it has a very historically rich sound.  Unfortunately, I never had a decent sampled mandolin in Ableton Live.  Thankfully there's a solution to that!

Callum Stewart's Mandolin, that was sampled for this Ableton Live Instrument

Callum Stewart's Mandolin, that was sampled for this Ableton Live Instrument

Recently Callum Stewart aka N'yala sent me an instrument rack he create by multi-sampling his mandolin.  He painstakingly sampled 29 notes on his mandolin and created a beautiful sounding Ableton Live preset.  He asked me for some thoughts and I did a little bit of work on some of the macro knobs and effects.  The result is The MandoBass Ableton Live Pack that I present to you today.  The instrument is set up in such a way that the lowest notes are pitched down to octaves well below the range of a real world mandolin, so that it can be used for bass sounds.  I must say that the bass notes really do translate well and have a lot of punch and depth.  I've also separated the audio effects we've used to make this instrument into its own rack that can be used on any sound you'd like. 

The MandoBass in Action!

Callum Stewart aka N'yala 

It's definitely worth checking out the work of Callum Stewart.  He's got a lot of cool music up on SoundCloud, like this track:

Also, if you are feeling in a tropical mood, Callum has put together a very nice sounding Steel Drum Instrument for Ableton Live.  Check it out below and enjoy!

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