Haunted House Sounds Created with Synthesis

Francis Prève has created and released an Ableton Live Project that recreates the sounds of a haunted house, using only Ableton's Operator synth. It's an awesome look into how Operator, Live's FM Synthesizer, can be used for more than just melodic sounds.

I'd like to share an article and video I made for Ableton.com about this project.  It's my first piece of writing for the Ableton Blog and I'm very excited to be contributing to it. Check it out!

Free Moog Minitaur Ableton Live Pack

This is not the first time the work of Francis Prève has made its way onto this blog. A few years back, Francis released some Simpler presets using samples of the Moog Minitaur. I bundled those up into some instrument racks with some FX and handy Macro Controls. Check them out here! And be sure to visit Francis' blog, chock full of fun and interesting stuff!