Ableton Simpler Tutorial: Multi Sample Hack

In Ableton Live 9.5, Simpler got a major overhaul. Now it is possible to use Live's Warp Engine with your samples. This means that you can pitch a sample up and down, without time stretching it. Simpler works just like clips in the Session view, and now we have good reason to use Simpler over Sampler. However, Simpler can only work with one sample at a time, unlike Sampler, which can have 128. There is a workaround though!

By using Live's Instrument Racks, we can set up multiple Simplers over different key ranges and end up with a similar effect of having a multi sampled Simpler with Warping capabilities. Check out the video below as I build an instrument this way.

Prophet 6 Ableton Live Instruments

In the video above, I build an instrument using samples from the Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 analog synth. If you like the sound of this awesome new synth, then be sure to check out the Prophets of Doom Ableton Live Pack that has 25 of them.

Prophets of Doom

25 Ableton Live Instrument Racks created from samples of the Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 analog synthesizer. Classic synth sounds with a warm vintage vibe.