Free Ableton Live Pack #131: Prophet 6 Multi-Sampled Simpler Rack

Simpler can now make use of Ableton Live's warp engine. That means you can pitch samples across the keyboard without time-stretching them. The only problem is that Simpler can only work with one sample at a time.

To get around that limitation, I've built an instrument rack with six chains of Simplers. Each Simpler plays back a different sample of the Prophet 6 analog synthesizer, and is active on a specific part of the keyboard.

Six Chains of Simplers that are making use of its new warping features.

Below you can download the instrument rack I've made, which makes use of samples from the Prophet 6 analog synthesizer by Sequential Circuits. Also be sure to watch the tutorial video to learn how you can use this technique with your own samples.

Prophet 6 Instrument Rack

This free Ableton Live Pack contains an instrument rack with multiple Simplers and samples of the Prophet 6 analog synthesizer.

Get a Whole Collection of Prophet 6 Instruments for Ableton Live

If you like the sound of this instrument, then you will love the Prophets of Doom Ableton Live Pack. It contains 25 instruments built with samples from presets I created on the Prophet 6 analog synthesizer. The instruments are warm and loaded with character.  If you want some classic analog synth sounds, this Pack will do just the trick.

Prophets of Doom

25 Ableton Live Instrument Racks created from samples of the Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 analog synthesizer. Classic synth sounds with a warm vintage vibe.