Glitch Noises: Free Ableton Live Pack #118


Resampling to Make New Sounds

Live's Resampling Feature

Live's Resampling Feature

I’ve been spending a lot of time using Live’s resample function.  Located as an option for “Audio From” on audio tracks, “Resampling” will record the signal that Master channel outputs.  It’s a great way to capture whatever is happening in your Live set and reuse that sound within the same project. 

One of my favorite techniques is to play a loop in session view, add a bunch of audio effects to the loop, and record a new clip on another audio track with the “Audio From” set to “Resampling.”  While recording the new clip, I tweak the parameters of my effects for a little while and just get lost in the sounds produced.  After the new clip has been resampled, I can listen back and find any parts that are particularly interesting. 

How It's Made

Destroy FX's Buffer Override

Destroy FX's Buffer Override

Recently, I created a loop using drums from my Super 8 Bit Ableton Live Pack, and I experimented with this technique in hopes of creating something new.  I used a series of Beat Repeats, delays, Redux, as well as a VST by DFX called Buffer Override.  Buffer Override will “overcome your host app's audio processing buffer size and then (unsuccessfully) override that new buffer size to be a smaller buffer size.” Basically, it sounds like there are some wild digital errors going on, but you have control over their intensity.  I highly recommend it, it’s a lot of fun and it’s free.

128 Glitchy Noises for Ableton Live

128 Glitchy Noises for Ableton Live

After I resampled the results of some knob tweaking, I sliced the new clip to MIDI and built a drum rack from the sounds.  The result is the ADM Glitch Noises drum rack.  It is a completely packed out drum rack with 128 glitchy noises.  They make nice rhythmic sounds, especially when your track calls for something a little more unusual than your everyday percussion sounds. The Macro Knobs give you control over things like the filter and transpose for all of the slices at once. 

Now You Try it!

Wanna have some fun?  Try throwing some effects after the drum rack, set up an audio track with the “Audio From” on “Resampling,” play the clip, tweak the knobs and record your results.  From there you can slice to MIDI again and have a whole new set of crazy sounds!

Need More Glitch?!

I’ve always been a fan of glitch noises and when things sound broken in a cool way.  Check out some other Live Packs I’ve made in the past that will help you get those sounds in your productions. 

Phatty Glitch Drums: Hundreds of glitchy drum sounds created with the Moog Slim Phatty and processed inside of Ableton Live.  

Super Glitch Machine : 3 Audio Effect Racks, using only Live's devices, to mangle your sounds.

Super Glitch Machine Part 2: A handy Slice to MIDI preset for chopping loops into glitchy madness.

Share Your Music!

I hope you find this pack useful and if you make any music with this, share it on the Music Made with AfroDJMac Packs SoundCloud Group.  There's over 300 people that have contributed over 300 tracks of music made from my packs! Join the fun :)