AfroDJMac Writing for CreativeLive: OSCiLLOT - Modular Synthesis in Ableton Live

I'm Writing for Creative Live! 

CreativeLive is a great example of the internet being used for good. They've compiled courses, articles and information from the world's greatest experts in a wide variety of creative fields (art, music, video, design...), to help bring education to everyone. Many of the courses and live workshops are free, and the paid ones are very reasonably priced. (Check out this course by our friend and fellow Ableton Certified Trainer, Isaac Cotec). The blog CreativeLive has put together has all kinds of helpful information for a variety of different fields, from some of the brightest minds in those fields. They also have a great podcast on music production, check it out.

So, I'm very proud and honored to be writing about music making for the CreativeLive blog.  My first article is about OSCiLLOT, the complete modular synthesis system for Max for Live.  If you've ever had any interest for going deeper into synthesis and getting into the mind-blowing world of modular, then Max for Cat's OSCiLLOT is perfect for you.  It's perhaps the most impressive use of Max for Live to date.  Check out my post on CreativeLive for more information!