Roland Juno Pads Ableton Live Pack

JUNO-106 Ableton Live Pack

81 Ableton Live Instrument Racks, made from samples of the legendary Roland Juno-106 analog synthesizer. Each patch contains an array of Macros to further manipulate the sound. This Pack combines my original Juno 106 pack (20 presets) plus the Roland Juno Pads pack (20 presets) with 41 new Roland Juno-106 presets.

Requires Ableton Live 9.7 Standard or Above

Warm, Analog Pads with TONS of Control

The Roland Juno Pads Ableton Live Pack is a collection of 20 pad instruments built from samples of the Roland Juno 106 analog synthesizer. Each instrument is made from 8 samples and contains 55 Macro Knobs for ultimate control. That's right 55!  So you have complete control over the sound of each instrument and can tailor them to fit your mixes perfectly.  

The focus of this collection is the pad sound.  Generally it's a sustained sound with long attack and release that fills out the chordal structure of a track. It's found in pretty much every genre of music and is a really important tool to have in your production toolbox.  The Roland Juno Pads Pack will ensure you have a rich collection of warm pads with lots of customization possibilities. 

55 Macros, For Real?!

Each Instrument has an incredible 55 Macro Controls for the ultimate in customization!

Although presets are nice, usually a little tweaking is necessary to get them to fit in your mix.  I've designed the Roland Juno Pads Pack to make tweaking your sounds and adding effects a breeze. All of these audio effect racks are included separately as well, allowing you to add them to any sounds in your music. Here's a quick breakdown of the different controls for each instrument:

ASDR, Saturation, Spread, and Velocity

Shape the instrument over time with attack, decay, sustain, and release.  Add some overdrive.  Timbre Shift affects the way the samples are distributed across the keyboard, you can get some drastic changes in texture and sound with this one Macro alone. Give your instrument a wider stereo sound with Stereo Spread. And control the instruments sensitivity to incoming MIDI velocity, perfect for adjusting the dynamics of your performance.

Overdriven Filter

Sculpt the sound with a variety of different filter types.  Add LFO modulation to the filter frequency.  Then give your filter an overdriven tube distortion.  

Emulation of the Juno's Famous Chorus

This is an emulation of the Juno's characteristic chorus.  The Juno comes with two different choruses, but the emulation has three! The third is the most extreme and is more like a ring modulator.  You can also adjust the stereo width after the chorus and add or subtract any extra gain created by the chorus effect.

Crush n Destroy

In case things are a little too clean for you, you can add anything from subtle distortion and noise to extreme destruction and chaos!

Flanger and Phaser

The Flanger and Phaser rack can really transport the instruments into outer space!  Try just a subtle amount for a little extra space in your mix, or go all out and see what happens. This effect rack adds some really nice texture to the distorted sounds of the Crush n Destroy Rack, try them together.

The Delay Master

This effect rack combines a Grain Delay with a Ping Pong Delay.  You can get some very interesting textures from the Grain Delay, and then repeat them and layer them with the Ping Pong Delay

Tremolo n Drift n Glue

Have fun messing around with volume modulation using the tremolo controls.  You can get traditional tremolo effects to create tempo-synced volume chops or play around with the Trem. Phase control to get some really exciting stereo movement.  The Pitch Drift controls recreate the pitch drift on old analog synths.  You can add a lot of character to your instrument with just a subtle pitch drift.  Try using a low amount (up to 2Hz) with a slow rate (up to .5Hz) for subtle character.  Or go all out and recreate a broken old analog synth.  Finally, the Glue Compressor is used to tighten everything up and add some extra volume.  

Ableton Live Pack

81 Instrument Rack Presets made from samples of the Roland Juno-106 analog Synthesizer.

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