Dirty Basses: Free Ableton Live Pack #124

Dirty, Noisy, Grimy, Huge Bass!

Every once in a while you just need the dirtiest, most distorted, grimiest bass you can imagine.  It can be a challenge to get it right, because you need to get a lot of different frequencies just right.  Most of the noise and dirt will occupy the higher frequencies, but you will still need to maintain the lower sub frequencies so your bass has power. This Free Ableton Live Pack has been designed to accomplish just that.

You're going to need Live Suite for this download, because it makes use of the Operator synth and the Amp audio effect.  I chose the Operator for these devices because it is a Frequency Modulator (FM) synthesizer. It's perfect for adding higher frequencies, while maintaining the lower frequencies. If you modulate the Frequency Modulation Macros, you'll get some really cool tones out of this synths! Check out the video below for a full description and walkthrough.  Then scroll down to download the Pack.

Shout Out to Carlos and Jeremy from Berklee Online Classes

I wanted to give a nod to Carlos and Jeremy, two super talented students from my Berklee Online course, Advanced Music Production with Ableton Live.  During a chat session they were looking for ways to create some harsh and dirty basses, and these are the instruments we came up with.  So thanks to Jeremy and Carlos, who these instruments are named after, you guys kept me excited and inspired during our semester! 

The Ableton Live Pack Archive

100 Ableton Live Packs, covering pretty much every sound imaginable!

100 Ableton Live Packs, covering pretty much every sound imaginable!

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