2 Minute Ableton Tip: Easy Percussion

I stumbled upon an easy workflow for creating percussive parts in my tracks.  Check it out in this quick video below:

The steps are pretty easy:

  1. Start with a simple beat (I use just a four to the floor kick).
  2. Create a new audio track and place a tempo synced delay as the effect (I like a filtered delay for this).  Choose a relatively fast delay time (1/16th notes work well) and make sure delay's dry/wet is at 100%.
  3. Route the input of this new track to listen to the drum beat.  This track will now be processing the original beat through the delay. 
  4. Create another new audio track and set its input to the first audio track with the delay on it.  This track is now only getting the delay's output.  
  5. On this new track, record a clip of the delay's output. You will now have a clip of the delay produced by the original beat.  
  6. Right-click the clip and convert it to MIDI by selecting "Convert Drums to New MIDI Track."
  7. Choose a proper percussive instrument and play the new MIDI clip through it.