Try the Big Layered Synths Ableton Live Pack

One of my favorite techniques for making huge synths is to stack up multiple synths together.  The Prophet '08 analog synth allows you to stack two presets together, and the result is a huge sound.  But I wanted bigger! So I sampled patches from my Prophet and built Ableton Live instruments.  From there, I layered those stacked instruments together.  The results are awesome! 4 layers of analog synthesis come together to make one big sound.  When I was finished, I had the Big Layered Synths Ableton Live Pack, with 25 instrument racks of all different types of huge sounds.  

Today I bring you a free sample of what those instruments sound like.  I just built a new instrument, not included in the Pack, that I'd like to share with you.  You can download if for free below. I hope you enjoy it and use it to make some big music!

Like This Free Instrument? You'll Love the Full Ableton Live Pack

You can buy the full Big Layered Synths Ableton Live Pack below and get 25 instruments like the one I'm giving away for free.  

Big Layered Synths
Ableton Live Pack

When you need enormous synth sounds, this is the Pack for you! Huge multi-layered Ableton Live  Instrument Racks, made from the samples of the Prophet 08.

25 Huge layered synths, all created from the Prophet '08 analog synthesizer.  If you need huge sounds, this Pack is for you!