Factory Percussion Ableton Live Pack with Livid Instruments

Livid Instruments makes some really awesome and high quality MIDI controllers.  Recently, they sent me some recordings of all the different sounds from their factory in Austin, Texas.  I've taken those sounds and made a collection of Ableton Live percussion instruments.  

Altogether this Live Pack comes with 5 drum racks of interesting factory sounds that can be used for percussion and neat effects in your tracks. You can manipulate and alter each sound to your taste or to make some cool unusual effects. 

Click on the link below to download, and check out the walkthrough video. Then, stop by the Livid Shop and use the code included with the download to save 15% on your next purchase!

EDIT: Check out the second installment of this Livid Instruments Ableton Live Pack series.  These instruments are melodic instruments you can play across the keyboard!

Check Out Minim, Livid's Pocket-sized Instrument for Music Creation

Right now, Livid is finishing up a successful Kickstarted fundraiser for a new wireless controller. Minim, is about the size of a cell phone, has 8 pads, 15 buttons, a touch fader, and motion control. It's perfect for DAW, tablet, and cell phone music creation.  Check out the video below and support their campaign! 

Join Livid Instruments on the Fight Against ALS

Check out Every 90 Minutes, founded by Livid Instruments CEO Jay Smith, to fight ALS.  Below is a compilation put out last year to help raise money and awareness. It's an important cause and every little bit helps.