Mode Density: Free Ableton Live Pack 134

Ambient Drones, Rhythmic Textures and Playable Soundscapes

Mode Audio recently released Density, a sample collection of ambient soundscapes and cinematic drones. There's a lot of interesting sounds and textures in the pack and it could be a nice addition to your productions regardless of genre.

Mode Audio sent me over some samples of Density and asked me to use them to create an Ableton Live Pack. The result is the Mode Density Ableton Live Pack, a collection of 8 instrument and drum rack presets. I've put the raw samples into Drum Racks with controls for filtering, attack, release, and transpose, so you can make them fit the key of your music. I've also built some playable instruments, which allow you to create your own melodies with these unique sounds.  The video below will take your through the collection. 

I think you'll find that you can get some interesting sounds out of this Live Pack. A nice drone or textural sound mixed into your track can do wonders for the overall feel of the music. Give them a shot and download it for free below.

Mode Density Ableton Live Pack

This free Ableton Live Pack contains 8 instruments made from samples of Mode Audio's Density Pack.

Save 15% on Density with the code AFRO15

Mode Audio is offering an exclusive discount for readers of this blog. Pickup Density, and use the code AFRO15 to save 15% on your purchase. Density comes with 150 ambient samples and 50 quick stab samples, clocking in at nearly 1 GB of material. Be sure to take advantage of this chance to save on some really unique and interesting sounds for your productions!



Mode Audio Drums Free Ableton Live Pack

This is not the first time I've partnered with Mode Audio. About a year ago I teamed up with them to produce the Mode Audio Drums free Ableton Live Pack. It's a collection of interesting and unique drum sounds, as well as some automated effects that you can use in any productions. Check it out here!