Elektron Analog Heat and Electric Guitar Power Chords

I've done some more exploring of the Elektron Analog Heat. This time it's on my Electric Guitar Power Chords instruments. As a guitarist, I'm pretty familiar with how distortion sounds on my guitar. I've had experience with many different amps and their distortions, as well as tons of stomp boxes. The Analog Heat really stands up as a guitar distortion unit! 

I think you could make a case that the Heat is like 8 distortion stomp boxes in one. Add on top of that functionality like the LFO and Envelop, not to mention the EQ and Filter, and I think at $719, the Analog Heat starts to sound like a bargain. You won't find 8 decent distortion units for that price. But then again, you're not going to use the Analog Heat as a stomp box. That's what the Analog Drive is for. And although I haven't tested that unit out, if it sounds anything like the Heat, then it's a great pedal for $359. 

But what the Analog Heat is going to bring to the table that I think will set it apart is Overbridge support. I can't wait to load up the Analog Heat into a DAW, with just a USB cable and use it like any plug-in. Automation is going to be a blast. I'm looking forward for when that is released, and you can be sure I will report back to you on that. 

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