64 Pad Mania Ableton Live Pack

I've been excited to build something like this for a long time! The 64 Pad Mania Ableton Live Pack is a collection of instruments designed to be played on an 8x8, 64-Pad controller like Push or Launchpad. The Pack also comes with Instrument Racks for use on a standard keyboard. 

The instruments in this collection allow you to create beats, bass lines, chords, melodies, and fx all within one track. They've been specifically designed for putting together playing routines right under your finger tips, that are in time and in key. Made up of one-shots, loops, arpeggios, and single notes, it's easy to get lost in creating jams using your favorite 64-pad device. 

64 Pad-Mania

Collection of 64-Pad Drum Racks for Ableton Live. These instruments are designed to let you perform complete pieces of music using the 64-Pad layout on devices like Push and Launchpad. Each Drum Rack contains beats, melodies, chords, fx and more. Includes 4 64- Drum Racks and 9 Instrument Racks.

Check Out This Awesome Performance by Jose QuerVo, using the 64 Pad-Mania Pack!