20% Off Ableton Live and Push

Now Is The Time Get Push and Ableton Live! 

Ableton is currently running a 20% off everything on their site sale. That means it's the perfect time to pick up Push 2. There's also better time to upgrade to Live Suite.  

Learn How to Use Your New Push

Once you've taken advantage of this incredible sale, be sure to pick up my new video course Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart. You can pick up a new Push and my complete video course and still have some savings left over! 

Here are two preview videos of the course. The full course is 2 hours long with 50, bite-sized and to-the-point videos like these:

Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart
Video Course

Ableton Push 2 is a deep and expressive instrument that provides the tightest integration with Ableton Live. In this video course you will learn: Everything there is to know about Push 2; How to quickly create, edit, and sequence beats; How to write melodies, add effects, and build automation; How to mix, edit, and arrange your ideas; How to turn Push 2 into a completely customized controller.

Course Includes:
-2 Hours of video in 50 to-the-point lessons.
-3 Hour Live Interactive Video Seminar with AfroDJMac.
-Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back.