12 Synths Of Christmas Free Ableton Live Pack 149

Merry Christmas! I Have a Gift For You!

I've built a collection of 12 Ableton Live Instrument Racks to celebrate Christmas 2016. Each instrument is built with Ableton's Operator FM Sythesizer. I used various aspects of the Christmas season to inspire their creation. I built some sounds to capture the cold and wintery weather, while others have the warmth of friends and family around a fireplace.

Each of the 12 Instruments is completely customizable

I encourage you to explore the sounds, as there is a lot of depth to them. A short note will often sound much different than a long sustained note. Some sounds evolve quite a lot over time. Most have lots of modulation and some fun expression when using aftertouch. Each Instrument has its own Macro controls that will drastically change the sounds into something new. 

So Much Power in Operator

I hope this collection gives you a little insight to the power of Operator. Programming Operator patches on Push 2 is really a dream, and has reinvigorated my love of the synth. You will need to own Operator and Live 9.7 in order to use these sounds. If you don't, Ableton is running a 20% off everything sale. So maybe now it's time to take the plunge!

Ableton Live Packs of Christmas Past

Building a Christmas themed collection of Ableton Live Instruments has become a bit of a tradition for me. This year is the 6th installment! Check out some of the Instruments from Christmas' Past!