Pocket Operator Loops: Free Ableton Live Pack 137

Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operator collection is a ton of fun. TE has managed to combine the fun of playing with a toy (specific those old school Nintendo handheld games) with some seriously powerful and useful instruments.  I've spent hours jamming out in headphones with these little guys synced together. They are super inspiring and I couldn't recommend them enough. 

48 Free Tempo-Synced Ableton Live Clips 

For my latest Free Ableton Live Pack, I've created 48 loops with the newest collection of Pocket Operators, Arcade, Office and Robot. I've packaged them in the form of Ableton Live Clips, so you can drop them in any project you are working on and they automatically sync to the tempo.  I encourage you to experiment with different tempos, transposing them and chopping them up to create something new. The possibilities are enormous. 

Get the Full Pocket Operator Ableton Live Pack! 

If you're a regular visitor here, you know how much I love to create interesting and unique Ableton Live Packs! The Smooth Pocket Operator Ableton Live Pack contains loops, drum racks and instrument racks made from samples of the Pocket Operators. Because the Pocket Operators have such a unique sound, they make for a great sound source to build sample-based instruments.  

Smooth Pocket Operators 

48 Live Clips, 32 Instrument Racks, 200+ Samples, and 1 Live Project to Mix loops, all built from samples of the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator series. Loads of fun and lots of character!

The Robot Pocket Operator in Action!

I recently recorded a little jam I did with Mike of Expanding Sound.  On my end, I'm using Ableton Live and Push 2, along with the Robot Pocket Operator to do the lead. I love using the Robot for playing melodies. It's surprisingly expressive with its vibrato and glide feature.  Because you can use 16 different sounds, you can really do a lot with it.  Mike is using Live, an iPad, and the new Korg Minilogue (get a free Live Pack with those sounds here). Everything is easily synced using Link. Give it a listen below: