Ableton Live Project Files: "Here In My Heart"

A couple years ago, I recorded a track called "Here In My Heart." It's a dark, moody piece I wrote while contemplating a Henry David Thoreau quote, "Men have become the tool of their tools," and thinking about how people become are machines of routine, I kind of wrote it with this idea of a person (probably me!) longing for a simpler life, but too caught up in the fast-paced modern life to escape. The track was built quietly in the middle of the night after maybe a little too much time spent alone.

Free Ableton Live Pack #138: Behind the Curtains: "Here in My Heart" 

Today I want to give you the track and the Ableton Live Project it was created in. It was built using a few Max for Live devices and the iPad apps Jam Up Pro (a virtual guitar amp rig) and Samplr (one of the best apps out there). I used Jam Up Pro on the vocals, which gave them this interesting crackling sound.  I love using guitar app simulators on vocals :). Samplr was loaded with a couple electric guitar notes. I recorded its output directly to Live.  There's also a couple of my own devices in there, as well as some interesting effect racks you can use in your own projects.

I think this might be fun for anyone that wants to see how I built a fully composed track. You can reverse engineering it, play around with the effects, remix it, sample it, etc. I think there are some really interesting sounds and textures in there :)

So listen to the track and click the download link below. Let me know what you think, and if you build anything off of it, send it my way, I'd love to hear it!