Creating Racks and Sampling in Ableton Live; Plus Free Download!

I just released a brand new 2 and a half-hour video course called "Creating Racks and Sampling in Ableton Live." In the 31 videos, I cover just about everything you need to know about sampling and building your own Ableton Live Racks. The goal is to help you achieve your own unique sound by creating your own unique Instrument, Audio Effect, and MIDI Effect Racks. 

Here is the course description:

"In this video tutorial series, Ableton Live sage Brian Funk, aka AfroDJMac, shares his secrets for building truly unique sampler instruments and racks. You'll see not just how to sample, but how each component in a rack builds upon on the others to create way cool instruments and sounds.

AfroDJMac starts with an explanation of sampling and how to record audio in Ableton Live, and then demonstrates how you can streamline the sampling process by sending MIDI notes to your hardware to trigger them automatically. That leads to a discussion on how to think outside of the box when sampling.

Next, AfroDJMac dives into Live's resampling function, and how you can use it to capture audio during playback. Once the samples are recorded, the next step is to process those samples by cleaning them up and adding effects. AfroDJMac also describes when you might want to use Simpler, the more basic sampler in Ableton Live." 

Watch A Video From The Course

Get a taste of what the course is all about with a 10 minute video on using Ableton's Simpler device. Enjoy!

Download a Free Ableton Live Instrument Created in the Video Course

The Vinyl FM Piano is one of the instruments built during the course. Download it for free!

The Vinyl FM Piano is one of the instruments built during the course. Download it for free!

I'd like to share one of the devices we create in the videos as my 146th Free Ableton Live Pack! It's called the Vinyl FM Piano. Basically, it's a digital FM Piano sound built to sound like it came off of an old record. It's littered with tasteful vinyl crackling noise. There are a whole assortment of Macro Controls to edit the sound of the instrument, and its MIDI and Audio Effects. I think it's a great example of the type of work you will be able to accomplish after completing the course. 

Buy The Course On Its Own or Get An All-Access Pass!

Creating Racks and Sampling in Ableton Live is available on; it can be purchased individually or with the All Access Pass, which grants you access to everything Groove3 has to offer. There's a ton of great educational videos on Groove 3, I think the All-Access Pass is the way to go!