Polymoog Ableton Live Pack

The Polymoog is a classic analog polyphonic synthesizer from Moog. It was released in 1978 and continues to warm the hearts of musicians everywhere. Unfortunately, aside from being a huge and heavy monster of a synth, the Polymoog is quite expensive, and it is hard to find one in great working condition. But that shouldn't be a problem anymore!

The Polymoog Comes to Ableton Live!

The Polymoog Ableton Live Pack is a collection of 30 Ableton Live Instrument Racks, all made from samples of the original presets that brought the Polymoog so much love. The Pack comes with faithful recreations of all 14 presets, including the glorious Vox Humana, made famous by Gary Numan. There are 14 additional variations of those presets, as well as two deep multi-layered Instrument Racks.

All 14 original Polymoog presets are available in the Pack.

The Rack pictured below gives you access to all 14 presets, coupled with exciting Ableton Live Effects, all in one Instrument Rack

This multi-layered Instrument Rack gives you access to every Polymoog preset and some useful effects, all in one preset. 

Ever dreamed of having two Polymoogs to play with? The ADM Two Polymoogs preset allows you to stack together two instances of the Polymoog. You can choose a preset and octave for each layer, adjust the volumes and pan them. It's a great way to build up some huge sounds.

Like having two Polymoogs stacked on each other. Mix and match two layers of Polymoog's.

Last but not least is an Audio Effect Rack called the "Vintage Synth FX." This super handy device allows you to put a vintage touch to any sound you like. Try it on any synth in your Library. It's a great set of effects, made entirely from stock Live devices.

This Effect Rack allows you to add the sound of vintage synths to any sound you want!

Polymoog Ableton Live Pack

The collection contains 30 multi-sampled Ableton Live Instrument Racks, built from samples of the Polymoog 280a analog synthesizer from 1978. All 14 of the Polymoog's presets are represented, and there are variations on each sound, plus 2 complex layered instruments. There's also the "Vintage Synth FX" Audio Effect Rack. Requires Live 9.6 Standard and above.

Watch the video below for a full walkthrough of the Pack and to hear what the presets sound like!

Big thanks to Mike from Expanding Sound for sampling the heck out of his Polymoog for this Pack. I think the instruments we came up with sound awesome! Be sure to check out Expanding Sound for some gear reviews and cool downloads.

Listen To The Polymoog Pack in Action

Below are two tracks I composed using the Polymoog Pack, and just after watching "Stranger Things" on Netflix. Everything except the drums came from instruments in the Polymoog Pack, so it's a good representation of the types of sounds you can get from the Pack. I used Sonic Faction's Tricky Traps and Isotonik Studio's Arcade Series to program some of the instruments. Both are fantastic tools for creating somewhat random and somewhat controlled patterns. So check out the tracks and be sure to pick up the Polymoog Ableton Live Pack to add these sounds to your collection!